It’s not as compact as an Aeropress, but the Nomad looks like a solid way to get an espresso shot from a small device. The tiny machine, which is currently on Kickstarter, boasts the same principles used in full-sized espresso machines. The Nomad is just a lot smaller, more efficient, and doesn’t require any power making it rather portable — hence the name.

The company is looking for $100,000 on Kickstarter. Pledge $165 to pre-order a Nomad. It’s available in black and green. I’m in for one.

As the videos show here, the shots seem smooth and proper. By using pressure from dual micro chambers, the Nomad can apparently achieve the same results as a full-size lever espresso machine.

To me the Nomad doesn’t seem all the portable but rather movable. I doubt I would throw this in a backpack like I do with my Aeropress, but it seems perfect for a roadtrip. If the small Nomad can make a fine shot of espresso, which it seemingly can, it could quickly become a must-have for small kitchens and the like.

[Darrell "Wordslinger" Etherington contributed to this post]


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