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The world's smallest and lightest phone now does email, is still ridiculous

Ultrapixels, styli and Retina displays — enough. Willcom’s Phone Strap 2 has arrived and it weighs 32 grams. Does it look familiar? It should, as it’s the spitting image of its predecessor, the WX03A. With the same 32mm x 70mm footprint (though it’s 1mm thicker), it’s a pretty absurd proposition but then perhaps that’s the point. The upgraded model can now handle email (oh yes!) on its one-inch display and ten-key keyboard, as well as calls and text messages. However, a tiny phone means a tiny battery and the Phone Strap 2 has just enough power to last around two hours of voice calls. If you’re looking for a music player, Bluetooth and other phone staples, we’re afraid you’re going to have to shop around for a bigger model. The phone launches in Japan on March 21st, but you’ll have to sign up for a standalone contract to (slightly oafishly) pick one up.

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