By Richard Lawler

Nintendo announces 'mint white' 3DS XL, Tomodachi Collection bundle for Japan

Just in case your desire to catch them all extends to Nintendo 3DS variants, the company announced today that in Japan it’s releasing a new mint white edition of the 3DS XL (called the LL in its home country) April 18th. Priced at 18,900 yen just like the (many) others, it keeps the styling simple with a green lid and white casing. Also arriving on the same day is a special edition bundle commemorating the latest Tomodachi Collection life simulation game, priced at 22,800 yen and showing off a more distinctive splotchy look. You can get all the info straight from virtual Iwata’s news desk in the Nintendo Direct video embedded after the break while we keep an eye out for new models — like that slick transparent demo unit — crossing onto US shores this summer.

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Source: Nintendo Japan

From: Engadget


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