Automatic Link handson and test drive

Scanners that can read data from your car’s OBD-II port (which is in every car built since 1996) aren’t exactly new; they’re on-hand at every mechanic’s workshop and curious car enthusiasts can buy them from most hardware stores. But few port readers are consumer-friendly enough for the everyday driver to grok.

Enter the newly announced Automatic Link, which uses Bluetooth 4.0 and a paired smartphone to deliver diagnostic info with a decidedly novel twist. Instead of just hard facts, it offers an innovative array of features that range from monitoring driving habits, dialing 911 in case of an accident and even letting you clear a check engine light if you can fix the problem yourself. Join us after the break where we give the Link a bit of a test drive, speak to Automatic’s lead product guy and find out a bit more about the potential of this tiny plastic nub.

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