The city of York just announced a plan to install a network of pay-as-you-go charging stations for electric vehicles, the first such system to launch in the UK. York is already home to 12 free charging points, but these are located in lesser-known areas such as private parking lots. The new stations will be installed in public lots in the city center as well as near supermarkets and hotels.

According to the City of York Council, the charging technology can add a 30-mile range to a car’s battery within a half hour of use. EV owners will be able to track energy usage and find nearby charging stations from their phones — via an app, we can safely assume — and by registering their credit cards, they’ll be able to pay instantly by phone or text message. It remains to be seen whether other English cities will follow suit. The capital has Source London, which requires an annual fee of €100 for use of 900-plus charging points in the city, but there will be even more drivers in need of power-ups when the Tesla Model S hits Old Blighty’s shores.

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Via: The Next Web

Source: City of York Council


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