Microsoft updates SkyDrive for iOS to v30, touts support for more devices and revamped user experience

It’s been quite a few months since Microsoft touched the SkyDrive application on Apple’s mobile platform, but today, after some well-documented delays, the company’s finally delivering an update to its iOS offering — a pretty hefty one, no less. Included in this new version is, most notably, added support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, while a refreshed overall user experience, new app icons and enhanced saving options are also in tow with this release. In addition to these tidbits, SkyDrive will now allow iDevice users to easily grab their full-res photos from within the app, as well as determine the size of uploaded and downloaded picture files. Better yet, the long-overdue update just went live in the App Store, so it’s about that time for Redmond’s cloud surfers to savor what they’d been patiently waiting for.

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