Major Nelson takes Xbox One questions, says banned users will 'absolutely not' lose games

Major Nelson takes Xbox One questions, says banned users will 'absolutely not' lose games

E3 is over, but Microsoft still has a long way to go to answer questions from gamers about its new Xbox One console, particularly when it comes to the effects of DRM. Director of Programming of Xbox Live Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson takes on the most upvoted ones from posters in Reddit’s games section in this video interview with Chloe Dykstra. One question that seems to have a clear answer is whether banned users will lose access to any games they’ve activated, as he stated “Absolutely not, you will always have access to the games you purchased.” That goes against a previous response from the Xbox Support twitter account, although that may have been the result of confusion between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 policies. A question with no satisfying response yet however, is what gamers can expect years down the road if Xbox One’s authentication servers are shut down. Major Nelson followed up with a response in the comment thread that “I’ll get the real answer, I just don’t know it yet.”

Interestingly, the question he wished more people would have asked is about the “family package” and, we assume game sharing with a single account, after previously bringing up its cloud library as one upside to the new DRM setup. Tracking back to the original debut’s focus on the console’s HDMI input and TV overlays he mentioned using snap mode to watch TV while gaming, or getting Xbox Live notifications and jumping “instantly” to a game while watching TV. A similar crowdsourced interview was planned with the PlayStation team, but cancelled. Major Nelson says he will address more questions leading up to launch and is planning an ask me anything session later, so keep your (many) inquiries at the ready.

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